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New Burn Pit Maps Show Exposure Risk

A new project by the Center for a New American Security and the Wounded Warrior Project is aimed at helping troops calculate their burn pit exposure risk according to their location. According to an article published by MilitaryTimes, “Using the Defense Department’s own records, a team put together two maps, broken down by location, time period […]

New Bill to Recognize Oil Fires and Burn Pits as Health Hazards

In an effort to help ill veterans apply for VA benefits, a bill was introduced last week that would recognize the health hazards that oil fires, burn pits, and other pollution sources pose. According to an article published by MilitaryTimes, “The “Veterans Burn Pit Exposure Recognition” bill, S. 2950, would declare that service members who […]

New Bill Proposes Service Dog Training For Veterans

Two months ago, a bill was introduced that would allow veterans the opportunity to train service dogs to reduce the distress that mental health issues may cause. According to the Military Times, the bill has not yet been voted on however, Republicans have expressed their unanimous support by saying that the bill is a “no-brainer”. […]

New Toxic Exposure Research Initiative to be Launched by the VA

In 2021, a large-scale and extensive research initiative that will focus on environmental exposures in the military and their relation to illnesses affecting veterans will be launched by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). According to an article published by MilitaryTimes, “VA researchers have been speaking with veterans about the environmental toxins they think encountered […]

Wolf & Brown attorney and partner, Michael Brown attends NOSSCR 40th Anniversary Conference

Every year, The National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) hosts a conference for Social Security disability attorneys and representatives from around the country. This year, Wolf & Brown attorney and partner Michael J. Brown, Esq. had the opportunity to attend the 40th Anniversary Conference held in New Orleans. “While at the conference and speaking with […]

New Jersey voters to decide on veterans tax break

The one question on every New Jersey resident’s ballot on Tuesday will address the state’s war veterans. According to an article published by, “Voters will be asked whether military veterans who live in continuing care retirement communities in the Garden State should get the same $250 annual property-tax deduction that veterans who live in their own […]

Delays for Agent Orange benefits continue

Two years ago, David Shulkin Veterans Affairs Secretary added bladder cancer, Parkinson’s-like symptoms, and hypothyroidism to the list of diseases assumed to be caused by Agent Orange. Now, thousands of veterans are still waiting on benefits for these illnesses. According to an article published by Military Times, “Heavily redacted emails and briefings released recently to former Army Spc. […]

Study finds combat troops at higher risk for drug abuse

Last month, a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that combat troops were at a higher risk of abusing heroin and prescription opioids, concluding that these service members 7 percent more likely to abuse these drugs than those who were deployed but never engaged in combat. According to an article published by Fox […]

Homeless Veteran Families Act extends benefits to children of veterans

The Homeless Veteran Families Act will extend aid to homeless veteran families by updating the VA’s per-day payment calculation to include money for children and would increase the daily payment by around 50% for each child. According to an article published by, “The bill, sponsored by Rep. Julia Brownley, D-Calif., chairwoman of the Women Veteran Task Force, came to a […]

Military Retirees and Social Security Recipients Receive 2020 Pay Increase

In 2020 military retirees currently receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, federal retirees, and social security recipients will see a 1.6% increase in their monthly payments. According to an article published by, “The annual Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) is smaller than the 2.8% increase from last year but in line with the historical increases […]