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Court allows class-action lawsuit against VA

For the first time, a federal court will allow a class-action lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs which legal experts say will open the door for a range of similar cases. According to an article published by the, “The decision, which could affect thousands of veterans, came late last week in the U.S. Court of […]

‘Blue water’ veterans bill heads for final signature

This week the Senate unanimously passed legislation that grants disability benefits to “blue water” Vietnam veterans. The bill has now been sent to the White House to officially become law. According to an article published by, “The legislation, passed unanimously by the House last month, has been a focus of advocates fighting to ensure nearly 90,000 […]

Bill introduced to help female veterans access legal services

This week lawmakers introduced a bill addressing the need for veterans to access legal services, with a specific focus on female veterans. Military veterans have told the Department of Veterans Affairs that one of the top challenges they face is accessing legal services. According to an article published by, “The Improving Legal Services for […]

Immigration fails to give veterans special consideration

A report released last week showed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) does not take a person’s military service into consideration before deporting them. In addition to this, ICE does not track how many veterans are deported but does require that their agents look at employment history, health, community service, deployments to war zones, military decorations, […]

Veterans owed refunds for incorrect fees

This week, a report was released by the Department of Veterans Affairs that states that disabled veterans have mistakenly been charged fees when taking out home loans. Now, the federal government owes millions of dollars in refunds to those veterans. According to an article published by abc News, “The Department of Veterans Affairs issued more than $280 […]

Officials drop appeal awarding benefits to ‘blue water’ Navy veterans

In a filing with the Supreme Court Tuesday, the Department of Justice dropped its appeal of a federal court decision awarding disability benefits to tens of thousands of veterans who claim their illnesses are related to the exposure of toxic chemicals while serving. According to an article published by, the “Congressional Budget Office officials had estimated that […]

Important Health Care Info Coming to Your Mailbox

All veterans are encouraged to check their mailbox for recent news from the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding major changes and updates being made to health care access. According to an article published by, “The letter, signed by Dr. Richard Stone, the executive in charge of the Veterans Health Administration, is dated May 7 and briefly […]

‘Blue Water’ Navy veterans closer to receiving benefits

This year, lawmakers are closer than ever to passing legislation which would give tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans medical benefits – decades after they were exposed to the chemical Agent Orange. According to an article published by WBFO 88.7, “In 1991, Congress passed legislation creating medical benefits for Vietnam veterans exposed to the herbicide. […]

Lawmakers pass ‘Blue Water’ Navy benefits bill once again

Recently lawmakers unanimously approved a bill that would extend benefits to Vietnam War sailors who have fought for years to prove they were exposed to the chemical herbicide Agent Orange. The House voted 410-0 to advance the bill to the Senate, following a vote last year of 382-0. According to an article published by Stars […]

Benefits for ‘blue water’ Vietnam veterans in motion

Lawmakers have once again passed a bill that would ease disability benefit rules for veterans who served on ships off the coasts of Vietnam and suffered serious illnesses. According to an article published by, “The legislation — the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act — passed 410-0 with strong messages of support from both Democratic and […]