The SSA requests public feedback on pain evaluation

Applying for social security disability insurance (SSDI) can be a lengthy and complicated process, especially since chronic pain is considered a subjective condition.

With appeals by disabled applicants commonly denied, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is now realizing the challenge that this poses and has begun taking steps to correct this by requesting public feedback.

The SSA is asking both adult and child disability claim applicants about how it currently considers pain and the documentation of it. These responses will be used to determine whether the SSA should revise its policy regarding pain evaluation.

According to an article published by The Mighty, the “potential problem with the current process is that pain is largely subjective, and many chronic pain conditions lack a definitive diagnostic test.” This can make it problematic for both applicants and health care providers to submit “evidence” of the person’s medical condition.

To learn more about the SSA’s pain evaluation process, click here.