Cleanup Scheduled to Continue for Kirtland Air Force Base

According to an article published by, efforts to rid Kirtland Air Force Base of groundwater jet fuel contamination is on track to continue for years to come with no funding issues noted.

The contamination was realized in 1999 after jet fuel was discovered on the surface of a well near the base fueling facility. The cause of said leak was found to be due to holes that had worn in underground pipes used to carry jet fuel from delivery tankers to storage tanks. According to reports, these leaks had been slowly leaking, undetected, for decades.

Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Mark Correll on Wednesday said that the organization remained committed “to make sure no one in this city or on Kirtland Air Force Base will drink water that is EDB (ethylene dibromide) contaminated.”, adding that no fuel leak contamination has been found in drinking water wells. To date, Correll said 615 million gallons of groundwater had been treated and that 86% of the mass of EDB has been removed from the target area north of Ridgecrest Road.

The water authority is expected to address Correll’s report at next month’s meeting. New Mexico Environment Department officials are expected to be invited to the meeting too.

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