New Electronic Health Record System Underestimated by Billions

Another audit report by the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General (OIG) confirmed that the electronic health records modernization system (EHRM) was underestimated by billions of dollars.

According to a report by Connecting Vets, “The OIG found the estimate of about $4.3 billion for information technology upgrades was not reliable, and a lack of complete documentation made it difficult to determine the accuracy of estimates…VA announced a strategic review of the EHRM program in March. This is the second OIG report this year examining VA’s development and reporting of cost estimates for infrastructure upgrades needed to support the EHRM program…The OIG also determined that VA did not report to Congress other, critical program-related IT infrastructure upgrade costs totaling about $2.5 billion, thus underreporting the program life-cycle costs by a significant amount.”

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