Senators and Veteran Advocates Push Lawmakers to Pass Burn Pits Bill

This past Tuesday, senators and veteran advocates called on lawmakers to pass the PACT Act burn pits bill at a news conference – the legislation would expand health care and benefits to every veteran exposed to burn pits and other toxins.

According to an article published by Stars and Stripes, “The bill also would improve the VA’s workforce and claims processing to speed up efforts to meet the needs of veterans and establish 31 new VA health care facilities in 19 states. Additionally, the bill would expand health care eligibility to post-9/11 combat veterans and add 23 conditions related to burn pits and other toxic exposures to the VA’s list of service presumptions. It will also expand the list of presumptions related to Agent Orange exposure to include Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Guam, American Samoa, and Johnston Atoll, strengthen federal research on toxic exposure, and improve the VA’s resources and training.”

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