Laying A Solid Foundation For Your Disability Claim – Advice from VA Attorney Matthew J. Brown Esq.

Successfully filing with the VA requires great attention to detail and the right representation. NJ Vet-Wire is a publication created by Wolf & Brown to help educate our Veterans on how to best navigate the complicated process of obtaining disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The disability claims process is confusing, but we can help you successfully apply for disability benefits, survivor benefits, and more.

By Matthew J. Brown, Esq.
VA-accredited attorney and partner at Wolf & Brown Law Offices

Veterans endure more challenging obstacles than most of us will face in our lifetimes. Yet, when their service is completed and they seek help for their service-connected injuries and illnesses, they face a system that is confusing and difficult to navigate successfully.

As experienced Veterans Disability attorneys, we have seen countless examples of missteps that prevent a Veteran from receiving the critical benefits they have earned and deserved. For example, Veterans prosecuting their own claims, service officers providing bad advice, or the VA providing inadequate due process to Veterans. These situations apply to Veterans from the Vietnam-era to OEF/OIF and the many conflicts in between.

Adding to these unfortunate missteps, there is also misinformation published online that offers pie-in-the-sky and often inaccurate advice.

The VA disability compensation system is advertised as a non-adversarial process. In reality, it requires one to fight for their benefits. To build a compelling claim, Veterans should seek credible and experienced representation instead of turning to YouTube.

How you construct your claim will dictate how your claims are adjudicated by the VA and will affect the decision-making process.

This includes routine, often overlooked items such as:

  1. Is your application being completed correctly?
  2. Have you and your advocate created a strategy?
  3. Have you provided the necessary evidence to substantially complete your claim?
  4. Is your advocate explaining the disability process to you correctly?

Beyond these concerns, Veterans need to consider all of the next and many steps in the process, such as navigating C&P examinations, choosing the correct appeal route if your claim or appeal is denied, development of medical evidence, or appearing before a Veterans Law Judge.

As my father – Michael Brown, our founding partner and attorney – likes to say, “This is not your father’s VA program.” This is a sound perspective when it relates to laying a solid foundation for your VA claim and/or appeal.

At Wolf & Brown, we consider it a great privilege to support our servicemen and women. Being VA accredited attorneys gives us the tools to help our Veteran clients effectively navigate the claims process. That is why we always encourage disabled Veterans to hire a VA-accredited attorney to have the best chance of getting their disability claim approved.

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