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Veterans exposed to ‘burn pits’ continue to fight for medical care

U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan believe that exposure to trash fires known as ‘burn pits’ has caused them to sustain long-term breathing problems and chronic illnesses. The Department of Veterans Affairs maintains that exposure to ‘burn pits’ has not been definitively linked to any long-term health effects. The VA are therefore continuing to […]

Disability claims by Purple Heart veterans will now be prioritized.

Last week, Veterans Affairs secretary Robert Wilkie announced that disability claims by veterans who earned a Purple Heart will now be prioritized amongst other requests saying, ‚ÄúThose who hold…the recognition of wounds taken in battle, will now receive priority consideration when it comes to claims,” Effective on April 1st, the new policy follows existing department […]

New VA program aimed at securing IT jobs for veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to launch a new program in April that will be aimed at placing veterans in high-paying information technology (IT) jobs, with all training and associated fees fully paid for once the veteran has secured employment. According to an article published by the Military Times, the Veteran Employment Through […]