New VA program aimed at securing IT jobs for veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to launch a new program in April that will be aimed at placing veterans in high-paying information technology (IT) jobs, with all training and associated fees fully paid for once the veteran has secured employment.

According to an article published by the Military Times, the Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC) program “…will work through an ‘incentivized payment structure’ to encourage the veteran to stay with the program to completion… it will pay the training provider 25 percent of tuition and mandatory fees up front, another 25 percent when the vet graduates, and the last 50 percent when the veteran “lands a job in his or her area of study and training.”

The average course would last between four to six months and would help veterans “make successful transitions into their post-military careers.” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. Additionally, Wilkie added that all enrolled veterans will receive a monthly housing stipend in addition to a variety of skills and knowledge that would make them desirable on the job market.

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