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Further delays for new Agent Orange connected illnesses

Earlier this year, the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs announced that they may have reached a decision regarding the addition of four new illnesses to the Agent Orange presumptive benefits eligibility list. Now, almost five months later, they still have not been able to move forward on this. According to an article published by MilitaryTimes.com, “Last November, researchers […]

VA urged by lawmakers to fix claims that wrongly cost vets $53 million

This month, the Department of Veterans Affairs secretary was urged by thirty-five members of Congress to revise thousands of medical claims for veterans who were left with charges that the VA should’ve covered. According to an article published by StarsandSripes.com, “The group of lawmakers, which included Republicans and Democrats, wrote to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie following […]

VA continues to struggle to track veterans wait times

Five years ago, a scandal erupted over appointment delays linked to veterans’ deaths. Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs is still struggling with scheduling issues and monitoring wait times. According to an article published by Military.com, “During a hearing Wednesday before the House Veterans Affairs Committee, Debra Draper, health care director at the Government Accountability Office (GAO), said that, while […]

When will disabled veterans get their home loan refunds?

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been approached by lawmakers asking for a comprehensive schedule of home loan fee refunds to disabled veterans who were erroneously charged related fees. According to an article published by Military Times, “In a June 6 report issued by the VA Inspector General, auditors stated an estimated 72,900 exempt veterans were […]

New act would recognize nine more diseases caused by Agent Orange

A new legislation that was introduced would add nine more diseases to a list of illnesses assumed to be caused by Agent Orange, giving veterans who suffer from these conditions a fast-track to disability benefits and health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs. According to an article published by Stripes.com, the Keeping Our Promises […]

Final ruling delayed on ‘blue water’ Vietnam veterans benefits

This week the Supreme Court granted a 30-day extension to Department of Justice officials regarding the appeal of a January court ruling which extended presumptive benefits to tens of thousands of Navy veterans. According to an article published by MilitaryTimes.com, “advocates say they are not concerned by the move, calling it a typical legal maneuver and […]

New veterans education and employment administration

Lawmakers are renewing plans to create a new fourth administration within the Department of Veterans Affairs that will focus on education and employment for veterans. According to an article published by MilitaryTimes.com, “The new bill mirrors legislation that passed out of a House committee last year and was introduced in the Senate, but failed to gain further […]

VA to Announce Decision on New Agent Orange Presumptive Illnesses

According to an article published by MilitaryTimes.com, during a Senate Veterans Affairs hearing this week, Dr. Richard Stone (executive in charge of the Veterans Health Administration) announced that a decision regarding presumptive illnesses linked to Agent Orange would likely come in the next 3 months. This announcement would mean that conditions such as bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, […]

Burn Pit Registry strengthened by new bill

This month, the Burn Pit Registry Enhancement Act was passed which will allow family members of deceased veterans to enter cause of death in the registry. This will aid the registry in becoming a useful tool for researching the health effects of toxic exposure on veterans. According to an article published by Stripes.com, “burn pits […]

Veterans groups appeal for Blue Water Navy veterans benefits

According to an article published by Stripes.com, ten national veterans organizations pleaded with the President last week, asking him to direct the Justice Department not to appeal a recent federal court decision that could extend Agent Orange benefits to thousands of Vietnam War veterans. The article continued by saying, “The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit […]