New bill to cover treatment of veterans exposed to PFAS

Last week the Veterans Exposed to Toxic PFAS Act was introduced. If passed, this legislation would cover the treatment of any health conditions caused by PFAS exposure and would make veterans and their families eligible for VA disability benefits.

According to an article published by, “The Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Research released a report this week that stated civilians and military personnel working at Pease from 1993 to 2014 were exposed to PFAS chemicals through the city of Portsmouth’s public water system. Children and infants at two day cares were also exposed to the dangerous chemicals, and the exposure can cause harmful health effects, including possibly cancer, according to ATSDR’s report.”

The new legislation would provide a presumption of service-related illness connection for veterans, which would give veterans access to health care and VA disability benefits.

To learn more about the Veterans Exposed to Toxic PFAS Act and how it affects you, click here.

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