Advocates Opposed to New Process for Pennsylvanians Accessing SSI Disability Benefits

Changes to the process for applying for Social Security disability benefits went into effect in Pennsylvania in April 2019. Applicants now have an extra step in an already lengthy process.

According to an article published by KYW News Radio, “[The] policy is a change in the Social Security Administration’s process for getting disability benefits. Instead of allowing applicants to apply, and if denied, seek a hearing before a judge, there’s a reconsideration step inserted in the process. CLS attorney Jennifer Burdick says it means applicants must get two denials before a hearing.”

Burdick continued by saying, “Most people who get benefits get benefits after they’ve met a judge who was able to really put all the pieces together, since problems that result in disabilities can often be complicated.” Burdick added that the administration currently has 100 days to reject an applicant through reconsideration.

To learn more about this new step in the disability benefits process for Pennsylvanians, click here.

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