Report Shows Vietnam-era Veterans on Guam Exposed to Agent Orange

A recent report by the National Veterans Legal Services Program and the Veterans Legal Services Clinic at Yale Law School stated that veterans who served on Guam between 1962 and 1975 are now eligible to make a valid claim for service-related toxic exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange.

According to an article published by Stars and Stripes, “The veterans meet the legal standard for exposure, said the review of government, private, archival and oral history evidence of herbicide use on Guam during the Vietnam era. Past claims based on service on the island have been rejected by the Department of Veterans Affairs, said Bart Stichman, executive director of the National Veterans Legal Services Program, in a statement issued with the report on May 11.”

Stichman continued by saying, “It is time that the VA acknowledges the strong evidence of toxic herbicide exposure in Guam and care for veterans exposed,”

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