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Thousands of health care applications abandoned

In an effort to shrink a massive backlog of requests, an arm of the Veterans Affairs Department in Atlanta has eliminated more than 200k applications from across the country for health care early this year, saying they were missing signatures or information. According to an article published by Stripes.com, “Veterans groups say the VA should […]

Important Health Care Info Coming to Your Mailbox

All veterans are encouraged to check their mailbox for recent news from the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding major changes and updates being made to health care access. According to an article published by Military.com, “The letter, signed by Dr. Richard Stone, the executive in charge of the Veterans Health Administration, is dated May 7 and briefly […]

New veterans community care rules scheduled for June

New community care standards granting veterans access to private-sector health care will be in place this June, regardless of ongoing concerns. According to an article published by MilitaryTimes.com, the new veterans community care rules, also known as Veterans “choice” , is happening in 10 weeks, unless Congress can find a way to stop it. Veterans eligible for […]