‘Blue Water’ Navy veterans closer to receiving benefits

This year, lawmakers are closer than ever to passing legislation which would give tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans medical benefits – decades after they were exposed to the chemical Agent Orange.

According to an article published by WBFO 88.7, “In 1991, Congress passed legislation creating medical benefits for Vietnam veterans exposed to the herbicide. An estimated 90,000 veterans, however, have been denied coverage. These are the ‘Blue Water’ Navy veterans, who served on ships off the Vietnamese coast but may have also been exposed to the chemical.”

However, a recent court ruling in January ordered that the Department of Veterans Affairs extend the same benefits to ‘Blue Water’ Navy veterans. The VA showed some resistance saying that identifying eligible Blue Water Navy veterans would be a lengthy and complex process.

The article continued by saying that “Passage in the Senate is far from a sure thing. A previous attempt died in the Senate last December when some lawmakers raised concerns about the potential cost and the strain this would put on the VA.”

To read more about this new legislation and how it affects ‘Blue Water’ Navy veterans, click HERE.
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