A Successful VA Disability Claim Requires Perseverance and Proper Representation

Too often Veterans face a long and arduous process with the VA and many give up due to the stress and frustration. With an experienced disability benefits attorney and supportive professional team in their corner, Veterans can feel inspired – and equipped – to continue the fight.

By Danielle Nocitio
Office Manager at Wolf & Brown Law Offices

At Wolf & Brown, we’ve helped many Veterans push through the exhaustion and mental anguish caused by the onerous Veterans Administration claims experience, including individuals suffering from significant PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other service-connected illnesses – sometimes made worse by unsuccessful attempts to get the disability benefits they need and deserve.

As we have previously covered in the NJ Vet-Wire, the VA disability compensation system is advertised as a non-adversarial process. In reality, it requires one to fight for their benefits.

Hiring a Veterans Disability attorney is beneficial because experienced legal teams can help clarify issues as they arise, ensure that the claim is supported by sufficient and proper evidence, and meet strict deadlines. In the event a Veteran is facing a denied claim, an attorney is able to effectively review the available evidence and data to create a robust appeal to seek a full disability award.

Our Veterans Department motto is Never Give Up. Wolf & Brown’s VA-accredited attorneys are bolstered by an experienced and thoughtful team to help each client navigate the claims and appeals process while relieving the Veteran from having to deal with VA directly.

Veterans have served our country and we make it our shared mission to seek the benefits they have earned – contact us today for a free consultation.

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